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Red Wine Teran Konzorcij

Intensive dark red wine with a unique flower flavor and full flavor in forest fruits



Dark wine, intensely opaque, ruby red, matured elegant bouquets that resemble dry plums, raspberries, black currants, blueberries, blackberries, matured forest fruits, coffee and vanilla.

The wine is rich in amino acids, it works dry and fresh in the mouth, with a tan tanine taste.

Bottle 0.75 liters

Teran is high quality dry wine made from Refosk grapes grown in the mineral-rich terra rossa soils and special climate at Karst. Grounds are very rich in acids and high iron which explains the special nature of this red wine,s almost violet colour due to certain wine acids and minerals. The special taste of wine is the result of high percentage of lactic acid due to biological malo-lactic fermentation.

The medicinal properties of Kraski Teran have been confirmed by modern day medicine: lactic acid stimulates the appetite and facilitates digestion of fatty foods; more importantly, Kraski Teran contains substantial quantities of bivalent iron.

We gourmet drink Kraski Teran with prsut ( prosciutto or air-dried ham ) which are the legendary pair of Karst cuisine.